Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Full of Laughter- Her Life, Her Story

Bruno Bower's digital oral history project
For this project I Interviewed my Grandmother she is 71 years old and she's had an amazing life so far. She's average height and has a colorful personality always willing to laugh at herself and share her story.

Who are you? Age?
Sand castles, the zoo and growing up in San Francisco in the 1950's
 Grandma shares some fond memories of growing up in the avenues of San Francisco.
Meeting Grandpa
I ask Grandma how she met Grandpa, a story I never heard before.

Grandma shares some memories from the Vietnam War.

Grandma talks about her marriage to Grandpa.
  Grandma talks about living in Mass. with Grandpa the adjustment it was and she had to make.
Having Kids
I ask weather Grandma felt obligated to have children, she didn't.
we Talk about how she picked up knitting, a passion of hers.  

Gardener Mass.
Where she lived while Married to Grandpa.

Travels and Vacations
Grandma talks about her Honeymoon to New York and traveling with her children.
Back to California without Grandpa
To finish off we talk about how she moved back to California. 


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